International Pathway College

A range of bridging programs to provide a pathway from your home country into an undergraduate degree.

Our programs are nationally recognised and equip students with the content, English language and tertiary study skills needed to excel at higher education programs in Australia.

The International Pathway College is based at the Sandy Bay campus in Hobart.

Programs are available in three categories

Foundation Studies programs

Enable international students to gain direct entry to a IJͼ undergraduate degree

First Year Diplomas

Enable international students to directly enter the second year of their chosen undergraduate degree

Pre-Masters program

Enables international students to enter a postgraduate degree program at the Tasmanian School of Business & Economics

Successful completion of each program is subject to students meeting necessary progression requirements.

Programs at the International Pathway College are delivered by UP Education, an education provider that partners with leading universities in Australia and New Zealand to provide learning pathways for international students, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel at English-language universities.